BC Towboat Owners Association organized.
Towboat Owners' Association (BCTOA)
The owners of towboats in the Vancouver area first organized as a section of the recently formed Vancouver Merchants Exchange. In 1930, the section was re-constituted as the British Columbia Towboat Owners' Association (BCTOA). The main functions of the Association were to establish and maintain a common standard of operating practice (both ashore and afloat) for the tug and barge industry, to study and offer solutions to problems related to the towboat industry, to promote a high degree of operating efficiency amongst its member firms, to promote sound labour management relations, to maintain liaison with the provincial and federal government authorities, and to maintain an interest in technical developments which may concern the membership.
    BCTOA Agenda:
  • Negotiated labour contracts.
  • Active in introducing ship to shore radio telephone services, radar, and echo sounders.
  • Established log tow shelters (tie-ups and reserves).
  • Maintained an active lobby to replace bascule at Second Narrows with a lift span.
  • Championed the replacement or restructuring of the Marpole Bridge.
  • Supported the establishment and maintenance of Navigation Aids.
Presidents of BCTOA
Claude Thicke
Lloyd B. Gore
E.J. Coyle
J. H. Cates
Cecil Prowse
Doug Coyle
S. McKeen
Rufus Gilley
A. M. Gilley
L. C. Gore
Murray Cliff
O. H. New
D. McKenzie
C. Burke
J. B. Stevenson
F. L. Kurtz
J. A. Lindsay
G. H. Burt
BCTOA incorporated under the Societies Act.
December 23: the Council of Marine Carriers (CMC) incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act.
BC Towboat Owners Association and the Towboat Industrial Relations Association joined forces to become the Council of Marine Carriers (CMC).re
March 26, 1975
First AGM of the Council of Marine Carriers.
Past CMC Presidents
Past CMC Chairmen
Add NewJ. Alistair Pollock (1975 - 1987)
C.S Cosulich (1975 - 1978) (1982 - 1983)
Peter Woodward (1988 - 2003)
J. Bryn (1979 - 1981)
Phillip Nelson (2003 - 2022)
A.M. Fowlis (1984 - 1993)
R Cooper (1994 - 1999)
J.Q. Cosulich (2000 - 2003)
R. Shields (2004 - 2005)
Doug Towill (2006 - 2007)
Wayne Cammell (2008 - 2009)
Leo Stradiotti (2010 - 2022)
50 Year Anniversary of The Council of Marine Carriers