Careers and Training


The marine transportation industry in British Colombia and across Canada provides excellent opportunities for new entrants seeking jobs and long term careers. Recent studies show this sector of the transportation network will require 19,000 Mariners over the next 10 years to fill expected vacancies from retirement and attrition. In addition to the sea going careers, numerous shore-based positions that support fleet operations will also require filling. To learn more about Careers in the Marine Industry, please check out Imagine Marine:

Job Opportunities

The CMC encourages our members to post job opportunities on the following websites

Alternatively candidates seeking work in the industry can check out Members websites or contact them directly for more information on current openings.


Candidates seeking a career in the marine industry can start by way of two paths.

      1. Direct entry where candidates receive training in the basic marine safety training courses, seek entry level employment with a Marine transportation company to gain knowledge and experience on the job. Once the candidate acquire sea time on board vessels, they enroll at a marine training institution to take the necessary course and transport Canada examination to obtain a Certificate of Competency.

      2. Advanced Entry where candidates enroll in a designated programs at a local Marine Training institution to learn the necessary skills to work on board various types of vessels. Upon completion of the program, the candidates seek employment with a marine transportation company and gain experience and sea time to advance their careers. Once they have obtained the necessary sea time, they can apply to write for a Certificate of Competency from Transport Canada. For more information on available courses and programs, please refer to the following institutions: