The Council of Marine Carriers (CMC) strives to further the interests, conserve the rights, and promote the general welfare of its marine industry members. CMC’s role is to formulate and advocate for policies, legislation and regulations that are beneficial to our membership by working with the appropriate government and industrial agencies.

The Council also often works directly with individual members to craft solutions to their own interests and issues.

In addition, the Council establishes and implements safety programs, as well as training and re-training programs for seagoing employees. CMC promotes safety with the adoption of modern methods, devices, rules, and regulations conducive to the attainment of member operations.

There are four types of membership within the Council of Marine Carriers – Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV. Click on Members or Fees and Tiers to learn more.

Tier I

Open to any individual, firm or corporation which owns or operates vessels, towboats or barges and employs seagoing personnel.

Tier II

Companies who specialize in one aspect of tug operations such as ship docking and ship escort operations.

Tier III

Companies that own marine assets and are involved in project based marine operations, such as bridge or terminal construction projects, but do not directly employ seafarers.

Tier IV

Asocial membership consisting of non-marine companies, associations and individuals who have an interest in the towboat industry, but do not have an active role in marine operations.